Types Of Beer

Larger Beers

Most Popular Beers In Western Europe Are Lagers; They Are Usually Clear Beers That Can Be Served Chilled, And They Have A High Drinkability. The Pilsen, The Special Lager, And The Extra Lager Are All Subtypes Of Lager.

Lager Pilsen Beers

Those Are Spain’s Best-Known Brews. Around 4%, It Has An Alcoholic Content. Pilsner Malt Or Premium Pilsner Are The Light Malts Used To Brew These Beers. Lagers With A Light Hop Aroma And Soft, Fresh Notes Are The Lightest.

Extraordinary Brew

In Addition To Pilsner-Style Blondes, The Specials Are Also Amber-Hued Beers. Aromas Of Malt, Toasted Bread, And A Hint Of Hops Can Be Detected. They Have A Thick, Frothy Texture.

Extra-Strong Brew

They Are The Strongest Lagers In Terms Of Alcohol (Between 6 And 7 Percent ). The Roasted Malt Gives Them A Coppery Hue. It Has A More Robust Aroma, With A Heftier Body And Foam.

Beers And Ale

Prior To Lagers, Lagers Had Long Been The Most Popular Type Of Beer. They Have A Higher Alcohol Content And More Intense Flavours. Bacteria Of The Saccharomyces Genus, Such As Safale S-04 And S-04 Us-05, Are Used For Its Fermentation At Temperatures Between 15 And 25 Degrees Celsius.

A Light Ale

Today, Pale Ale Beers Are One Of The Most Popular. Brews That Are The Lightest In Colour Are Called Ales (Hence Their Name). However, They Are Extremely Flavorful Beers With A Strong Hop Aroma (Some Can Be Quite Bitter). The Well-Known Ipas Can Be Found Within The Pale Ale Category (India Pale Ale).

Black Brew

The So-Called Black Brews Are Divided Into Two Categories:

Stout Beers: Dark, Roasted-Malt-Based Brews That Have A Very Strong Flavour.

This Is A More Potent Type Of Porter Beer. They Tend To Be Thick And Creamy, With A Hint Of Chocolate Or Coffee Flavouring.

Brews From Belgium

Belgian Brews Are Included In This Category. Belgian Trappist Ales And Belgian Saisons Are The Two Most Popular.

Originally Brewed In The Belgian Trappist Monasteries, Trappist Beer. They Are Strong Ales With A Second Fermentation In The Bottle That Have A Distinct Flavour. Colors Range From Bronze To Dark Brown In These Fruity Beers. Depending On The Type Of Beer, The Gradation Can Be Anywhere From Six To Eight Ounces.

Belgian Saison: Often Referred To As “Summer Beer” Because Of Its Light, Refreshing Flavour. Fruity And Sour Taste.

The German Language Is German German.

When Lager Came Out, They Lost A Lot Of Popularity. Some Guys Do Have A Sizable Following, However. The K├Âlsh, A Pale Ale Beer With The Unique Characteristic Of Maturing Cold, Is One Of The Most Well-Known. Beers With An Alcohol Content Of Six Percent.


Intensely Flavorful And Persistent, This Golden-Brown Ale Is Full-Bodied And Surprisingly Easy To Drink. A Fruity Scent With A Caramel Undertone. This Type Has A 6o Graduation And Is Very Flavorful And Dry In The Mouth.

Craft Brews Open Up A Whole New World Of Flavours And Aromas To Us. We Encourage You To Try New Brews Every Day, No Matter What Type Of Beer You Prefer. Because Of An Energetic And Innovative New Generation Of Brewers In Spain, Fresh Beers Are Being Produced On A Daily Basis. Greetings And Brews!

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