Beer Pairing

Brownie And Dark Chocolate Dipped In A Dark Beer

Due To The Complexity And Flavour In The Mouth That Dark Beer Imparts, It Pairs Better With A Wider Range Of Foods. Considering How Aromatic It Is And How Well It Can Be Used In Sauces, Pairing It With Other Foods Is A No-Brainer.

These Beers Are Best Paired With Grilled Meats, German Sausages, Or Even Dark Chocolate And Brownies.

For Any Occasion, Lager Beer Is The Perfect Choice.

If You Are Looking For A Light And Refreshing Beverage That Can Be Served With Any Type Of Food, Golden Beer Is The Perfect Choice.

Chefs And Brewery Experts Agree That Squid, Curry, Sweet-And-Sour Sauce, And Red Fruit-Based Preparations Are Some Of The Best Options, And It Goes Great With A Ceviche.

Amber Is A Good Choice For Fatty Meats

Its Smoky Flavour Is A Perfect Match For Fatty And Aged Cheeses And Meat.

Chicken In Bbq Sauce Or Honey Bathed Is A Dish That Would Pair Well With This Beer Because It Is A Local Favourite, But Because It Is Stronger, It Would Not Be Appropriate For A Wine Pairing.” It’s Also A Good Idea To Have A Sandwich With Pesto Sauce And Aged Buffalo Cheeses, Or Even Some Bbq Ribs.

Red Wine Goes Well With Cured Meats And Aged Cheeses.

Although It Is As Refreshing As The Blonde, It Has A Flavour That “Is Recommended To Pair It With Fried Foods Such As Empanadas, Arepas Or Picadas,” Because It “Activates The Taste Buds Much More.” Chicken Wings, Postas, Cheese Platters, Or Matured Hams Can Also Be Paired With This Drink. Just Like With Wine Or Champagne.

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